Saturday, January 3, 2015

Baking Day

Even though I got a terribly late start, today was a good day.  I suppose the girls and I just stayed up too late last night (we were watching the original Annie- it was their first time.  They watched it again this morning!), so we slept in this morning.  We picked up groceries after lunch, then unloaded them and put them away.  It felt really good to clean out the refrigerator and get it organized.  I haven't had a chance to do that since we moved in- we've just been throwing things in there randomly which made it very difficult to find anything.  

I planned to do a lot more baking today than I actually did.  I had to go to our church, where I teach preschool, and clean up the preschool room.  The church had the preschool rooms painted over the holidays and what a mess they were!  There was a thick layer of dust on everything- probably more from the ceiling tiles being replaced than from sanding and painting- but a definite mess nonetheless.  The girls, well, just Charlotte- Annabel mostly made messes and scattered toys about- helped me get all the furniture back in place and clean all the surfaces.  The toys need to be washed but that's something we (the other teachers and myself) can take turns doing next week.  Overall, the room looks great.  Doesn't fresh paint make all the difference?

I let my sourdough rise last night, punched it down this morning, and baked it tonight.  Almost an entire loaf has already been devoured.  I may get used to this new routine- hot bread, fresh out of the oven, every Saturday night- yummy!  Charlotte and I made pizzas for supper tonight.  She made a pepperoni and I made a grown-up spinach, mushroom, mozzarella & parmesan drizzled with honey.  So delicious!

I hung my new Phoebe Wahl 2015 calendar today.  I filled in birthdays and other important events and I must say it is a pleasant addition to our "new" old kitchen!  You can get one here.  I love when a new year demands a new calendar.  In years past, I've used this calendar.  It was difficult to make a change, but I love having the extra space for writing in important dates & holidays.  I will probably order one anyway- maybe for our bedroom.  Hard to say goodbye!

Tomorrow is Sunday and the girls and I are going to church in the morning and then resting for the remainder of the day.  The boys have been in Charlotte all weekend for the Panthers game.  Despite the rain, it sounds like they had a blast.  Can't wait to hear more about it when they get home tomorrow!

What are you doing tomorrow?

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