Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Letter to My Daughter

I watched you today, trying to fit in with those older girls.  I want you to know that you don't have to grow up so fast.  Time is flying by, sweet girl, and there is honestly no need to rush it.  Those girls were mean to you- they laughed at you and made faces but you didn't seem to notice.  You just wanted them to include you.  All the while, this mama's heart was breaking.  Breaking for all the times people you love don't love you back.  Breaking for the day that you realize that you just might not fit into that little space where you want so badly to be.  Breaking for the day your heart breaks. 

Please don't ever be afraid to try new things.  This is a big world and your God created it just for you. He created the animals just for you to love.  He created the green grass to be your cushion when you don't quite land your front aerial.  He created the moon for you to sleep under and the stars for you to count.  It's all for you because He loves you so very much.

Take care of those precious feet.  You have no idea how much they bless your mama.  When I watch you dance, the Holy Spirit pours down on me and I know Jesus is on that stage, dancing with you.  I can see it in your eyes.  You know He is there.  He has given you a gift.  Always remember that it is from Him and thank Him for it every time you twirl, every time you flip, and every time you raise your hands to the sky.

You aren't always going to win.  I love your nine year old naiveté.  I love that you love to compete just because it gets you on a stage.  I love that I have to drag you off stage when it's time to go home. Promise me that when you realize you didn't "win" you won't be upset.  Promise me you will still be happy just to have a chance to place your precious feet on a stage.

Please don't ever take yourself too seriously.  Stay the fun-loving, sweet child that you are.  Don't ever hesitate to laugh at yourself.  

And remember, your mama loves you.  And I am always here.  No matter what.  I'm always on your side.